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Fungi:> Ascomycota:> Ascomycetes:> Sordariomycetidae:> Hypocreales:> Clavicipitaceae:> Akanthomyces, Beauveria, Gibellula, Isaria.
Members of this group grow by infecting insect larvae or mature insects with spores. These germinate and grow to slowly consume the insect till it dies. At which point they produce spore-bearing structures.
Genus: Akanthomyces
Akanthomyces aranearum Akanthomyces aranearum
Akanthomyces tuberculatusAkanthomyces tuberculatus
Genus: Beauveria
Beauveria bassianaBeauveria bassiana
Genus: Gibellula
Gibellula pulchra Gibellula pulchra
Genus: Cordyceps
Cordyceps sinclairiiCordyceps sinclairii
Cordyceps sinclairii Cordyceps tenuipes
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