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Fungi:> Ascomycota:> Ascomycetes:> Sordariomycetidae:> Xylariales:> Xylariaceae:> Daldinia, Hypoxylon, Xylaria.
This family includes a number of genera common on dead wood. The perithecia and stromata are typically dark in coloured. With black spores
Genus: Daldinia
Daldinia childiaeDaldinia childia
Daldinia childiae Daldinia novae-zelandiae
Genus: Hypoxylon
Annulohypoxylon areolatumAnnulohypoxylon areolatum
Hypoxylon howeanumHypoxylon howeanum
Genus: Xylaria
Xylaria cubensis Xylaria cubensis
Xylaria hypoxylon Xylaria hypoxylon
Xylaria castorea Xylaria castorea
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