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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Agaricales:> Tricholomataceae:> Callistosporium, Conchomyces,Tricholoma, Tricholomopsis.
This is the largest family of the agaricales, which is defined mainly by not having any characters which distinguish them from other families.
Genus: Callistosporium
This genus of 13 species is widespread but poorly studied in New Zealand with no named species, easily recognised by a strong alkaline reaction.
Callistosporium speciesCallistosporium species
Genus: Conchomyces
Conchomyces bursiformisConchomyces bursiformis
Genus: Tricholoma
Tricholoma are a large genus of mycorrhizal gilled fungi found world wide which have a white spore print. With fleshy stems attached to the centre of the cap with no collar the gills are attached to the stem but are more or less strongly notched. This genus contains both edible and poisonous species some are native and not named while others are introduced and found under exotic trees.
Tricholoma batschii Tricholoma batschii
Tricholoma terreum Tricholoma terreum
Tricholoma puhutihuti Tricholoma sp. "puhutihuti"
Tricholoma viridi-olivaceum Tricholoma viridiolivaceum
Genus: Porpoloma
This is a genus that has not been well studied in New Zealand so its not unexpected to findspecies that are not named.
Tricholoma speciesPorpoloma Species
Species Undescribed
This is a genus that has not been well studied in New Zealand so its not unexpected to find many that don't seem to be named.
Tricholoma species Tricholoma Species
Genus: Tricholomopsis
These are large, white-spored, saprobic, wood-inhabiting fungi, with two known species in New Zealand. These are covered in dense red-brown scales, with bright yellow gills and no ring on the stalk.
Tricholomopsis ornaticepsTricholomopsis ornaticeps
Tricholomopsis scabraTricholomopsis scabra
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