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Fungi:> Ascomycota:> Ascomycetes:> Pezizomycetidae:> Pezizales:> Sarcosomataceae:>Plectania, Urnula.
Ascocarps are large with bright or light coloured apothecia, asci open by an operculum many with sculptured or ornamented spore.
Guenus: Plectania
The least common of the black cup fungi is found on the ground or on corse woody material. 
Plectania spPlectania rhytidia
Guenus: Urnula
Found on standing wood, cup-shaped when young, flattening out and becoming wrinkled with age. 
Plectania spUrnula campylospora
These are small black cup fungi with or without a stalk found growing on standing tea tree, which are common but not named. 
Plectania sp. Urnula species
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