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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Russulales:> Russulaceae:> Russula, Lactarius.
This is a large group of medium-sized dull to brightly coloured fungi which are mycorrhizal, found under native tea-tree and beech, as well as exotics. They have a white to cream spore print and white to yellow gills that discolour with age. These are attached to the stem, never with a ring or skirt. The stipe is brittle and easily broken like a piece of chalk.
Genus: Lactarius
Lactarius is very similar to Russula's in form and habitat, but when their flesh is broken it exudes a milky latex which, in some species, has a distinctive taste and colour that is used for identification.
Lactarius deliciosusLactarius deliciosus
Lactarius pubescensLactarius pubescens
Lactarius tawaiLactarius tawa
Lactarius umerensisLactarius umerensis
Lactarius sp. Lactarius sp.
Lactarius sp. Lactarius sp.
Genus: Lactifluus
The Lactifluushas have only recently been separated from the Lactarius and require DNA sequencing to do so. Otherwise, they are very similar.
Lactifluus clarkeaeLactifluus aurantioruber
Lactifluus clarkeaeLactifluus clarkeae
Lactifluus clarkeaeLactifluus sepiaceus
Genus: Russula
The cap is often depressed at maturity with white, cream to yellow gills that discolour with age, are attached to the stem never with a ring or skirt, and spore print that is white to cream. The tissue of the cap and stipe contain characteristic groups of spherical cells that cause the stipe to snap like chalk when bent too far.
Russula acrolamellata Russula acrolamellata
Russula albolutescens Russula albolutescens
Russula amoenolens Russula amoenolens
Russula cooperiana var. myrtacearumRussula cooperiana var. myrtacearum
Russula griseoviridis Russula griseoviridis
Russula griseobrunnea Russula species
Russula griseostipitata Russula griseostipitata
Russula inquinata Russula inquinata
Russula kermesina Russula kermesina
Russula macrocystidiata Russula macrocystidiata
Russula macrocystidiataRussula novae-zelandiae
Russula purpureotincta Russula purpureotincta
Russula pilocystidiata Russula pilocystidiata
Russula pseudoaereolata Russula pseudoaereolata
Russula rimosa Russula roseopileata
Russula umerensis
Russula vinaceocuticulata Russula vinaceocuticulata
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