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Fungi:> Ascomycota:> Ascomycetes:> Pezizomycetidae:> Pezizales:> Pyronemataceae:> Coprobia, Paurocotylis, Scutellinia, Leucoscypha.
This is a large family, many of which are soil-inhabiting species. In shape, they are either cup-shaped or ear-shaped, and are often brightly coloured. It's the spore-sac structure that separates this family from other cup fungi.
Genus: Aleuria
Aleuria aurantiaAleuria aurantia
Genus: Aleurina
Aleurina magnicellulaAleurina ferruginea
Genus: Cheilymenia
Coprobia granulataCheilymenia granulata
Genus: Paurocotylis
Paurocotylis pilaPaurocotylis pila
Genus: Scutellinia
Traditionally, these bright orange or red cup fungi with marginal hairs have been called Scutellinia colensoi, yet with the numerous similar species found in New Zealand, checking with a microscope is needed.
Scutellinia colensoi Scutellinia colensoi
Genus: Tarzetta
A small genus with only two species found in New Zealand.
Leucoscypha sp.Tarzetta jafneospora
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