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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Polyporales:> Polyporaceae:> Lentinus, Perenniporia, Polyporus, Trametes.
Polypores have a complex macrostructure, with their flesh being composed of several kinds of hypae. The strengthening and binding hyphae account for the tough texture and long life of these fruit bodies. The family is one of convenience, the members resembling one another only in their general appearance and growing on wood.
Genus: Lentinu
Polyporus arcularius Lentinus arcularius
Genus: Perenniporia
Perenniporia podocarp Perenniporia podocarp
Genus: Polyporus
Picipes melanopus Picipes melanopus
Polyporus nigrocristatus Neodictyopus dictyopus
Genus: Trametes
Trametes coccineaTrametes coccinea
Trametes versicolorTrametes versicolor
Genus: Unidentified
The fungi below are those that I have been unable to identify beyond their genus. This may be due to my misunderstanding of the keys or a species that has not yet been described (named).
Polyporus sp.Polyporus Sp.
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