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Fungi:> Ascomycota:> Ascomycetes:> Pezizomycetidae:> Pezizales:> Pezizaceae:> Calycina, Peziza.
This large group of fungi is poorly studied in New Zealand. There are around 100 species worldwide. found growing on wood, organic material, or manure.

The spores are formed on the inner surface of the fruit body. The cup shape typically serves to focus raindrops into the cup and splash out spores. Alternatively, the cup shape enables wind currents to blow out the spores, which in the larger species can be seen to happen. Most species cannot be easily named due to the lack of research, other than two large cosmopolitan species that are found in man-made habitats. 
Genus: Calycina
Calycina citrina Calycina citrina
Genus: Peziza
Peziza varia Peziza varia
Peziza repandaPeziza vesiculosa
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