Peziza vesiculosa
Bull. 1790
Previously known as Peziza repanda, which some still consider a different species, here in New Zealand they are treated as the same. This is a common cup fungus found in association with rotting wood and wood chip. The fruiting body is cup-shaped and up to 60 mm across (I have seen them larger). The inner surface is smooth and brown, while the outer surface is pale, often almost white. This species is rather similar to some other members of the genus but can usually be distinguished by the distinctly layered flesh seen when a specimen is cut.
Common name: Layered Cup
Found: Urban gardens
Substrate: Wood chip
Spore: White
Height: 30 mm
Width:100 mm
Season: Autumn
Edible: No
Macro images:
Peziza varia
Scale bar
Scale= 11 mm.
This fungus was sean while being photograthed to forcibly eject its spore formming a small cloud above. I wonder what the trigger mechanism is?
Peziza varia
Scale bar
Scale= 10 mm.
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