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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Agaricales:> Omphalotaceae:> Gymnopilus, Lentinula, Mycetinis, Rhodocollybia.
This family contains numerous small to medium-sized fungi. They have in common that they are commonly found growing from dead wood or garden mulch.
Genus: Gymnopilus
SporesIt's a genus that’s variable in size, from small to large, fleshy mushrooms that are some shade of orange or golden yellow. Some species have tints or patches of other colours, or have tiny differently coloured scales. Always on wood (saprobic), cap dry, finely felted, gills covered with a veil when young, often the remains of the veil forming a ring on the central stalk. They frequently grow in groups. Spore print is orange, rusty orange, or bright rusty brown.
Gymnopilus junonius Gymnopilus junonius
Gymnopilus allantopusGymnopilus allantopus
Gymnopilus purpuratusGymnopilus purpuratus
Gymnopilus dilepis Gymnopilus dilepis
Gennus: Gymnopus
Gymnopus ceraceicola Gymnopus ceraceicola
Gymnopus gelatinosipesGymnopus gelatinosipes
Genus: Lentinula
Lentinula novae-zelandiae Lentinula edodes
Lentinula novae-zelandiae Lentinula novae-zelandiae
Genus: Mycetinis
Gymnopilus species Mycetinis curraniae
Genus: Rhodocollybia
Rhodocollybia species Rhodocollybia purpurata
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