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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Agaricales:> Mycenaceae :> Cruentomycena, Favolaschia, Mycena Roridomyces.
Mycenae is a large genus of small saprotrophic fungi which are rarely more than a few centimetres in width. They are characterised by a white spore print, a small conical or bell-shaped cap, and a thin, fragile stem. Most are grey or brown, but a few species have brighter colours. Most have a translucent and striate cap, which rarely has a curved margin. The gills are attached and usually have cystidia. A few of the species exude latex when the stem is broken, while some others are bioluminescent.
Genus: Cruentomycena
A small introduced species found in urban habatats, waste ground and woodchip.
Mycena viscidocruentaCruentomycena viscidocruenta
Genus: Favolaschia
All the species of Favolaschia are saprophytic, that is, they grow on dead plant material. They are always brightly coloured or white, with the lower surface being honeycomb with deep cavities. The spores are white in color.
Favolaschia caloceraFavolaschia calocera
Favolaschia pustulosaFavolaschia pustulosa
Favolaschia cyatheaeFavolaschia cyatheae
Genus: Mycena
Mycena are saprophytic fungi that typically grow on wood or in leaf litter. These grow in small clusters or singly, with white gills and spores.
Mycena inclinata Mycena clarkeana
Mycena flavovirensMycena flavovirens
Mycena fuscovinacea Mycena fuscovinacea
Mycena interrupta Mycena interrupta
Mycena rubroglobulosa Mycena lividorubra
Mycena mamaku Mycena mamaku
Mycena mariae Mycena mariae
 Mycena parsonsii Mycena parsonsii
Mycena podocarpi Mycena podocarpi
Mycena roseoflava Mycena roseoflava
Mycena subviscosa Mycena subviscosa
Mycena ura Mycena ura
Mycena cystidiosa Mycena cystidiosa
Unidentified Species
The fungi below are those that I have been unable to identify beyond their genus. This is likely due to me misunderstanding the keys or a species that has not yet been described (named).
Mycena sp. Mycena species
Mycena speciesMycena species
Mycena species Mycena Species
Genus: Roridomyces
Roridomyces austrororidus Roridomyces austrororidus
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