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Fungi:> Ascomycota:> Ascomycetes:> Pezizomycetidae:> Pezizales:> Morchellaceae:> Morchella.
This family of ascomycetes contains only three genera: Morchella, Verpas, and Disciotis. Only the highly-regarded genus Morchella, the true morels, is found in New Zealand.

Very little research has been done on the morels found in New Zealand, so they are not named. Although they are considered rare, they can be found in surprisingly large numbers during good seasons.
Genus: Morchella
These choice edible fungi are believed to have been introduced as they are usually found in urban habitats or on disturbed ground. These saprobic fungi are found growing on soil during spring, sometimes in the same location each season. Four species have been reported in New Zealand, although they have never been taxonomically investigated.
Morchella elata Morchella elat
Morchella species Morchella species
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