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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Agaricales:> Marasmiaceae:> Anthracophyllum, Campanella, Marasmius.
This is a large family containing many genera. The relationship between them is not so obvious.
Genus: Anthracophyllum
Anthracophyllum archeri Anthracophyllum archeri
Genus: Campanella
Campanella is a small, tough saprophytic fungus found attached laterally on twigs and small dead branches in humid habitats.
Campanella tristisCampanella tristis
Genus: Crinipellis
These small saprobic fungi are found on fallen plant material and have a Marasmius-like fruiting body with a felty cap surface consisting of thick-walled dextrinoid hairs. A hand lens is needed to see them.
Crinipellis proceraCrinipellis procera
Genus: Heimiomyces
Heimiomyces velutipes Heimiomyces velutipes
Genus: Resupinatus
Oddly, it's not clear as to what family this genus belongs to. When looking around, I found it placed in Marasmiaceae, Pleurotaceae, and here in the Tricholomataceae.
Resupinatus vinosolividusResupinatus vinosolividus
Unidentified Species
Resupinatus species Resupinatus species
Genus: Marasmius
These are saprophytic on dead plant material, commonly found on decaying wood or leaf litter. They often appear in large numbers after rain, which shrivels up when dry and quickly rehydrates when wet. They are usually distinguished by their black or dark stipe.
Marasmius atrocastaneus Marasmius atrocastaneus
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