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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Agaricales:> Inocybaceae:> Inocybe, Inosperma.
This is a large genus of mycorrhizal fungi that are typically various shades of brown. Caps are small and conical, though they flatten somewhat with age, and generally have a pronounced raised central knob. The cap often appears fibrous or frayed and frequently has a distinctive odour.
Genus: Inocybe
Inocybe albovestita Inocybe albovestita
Inocybe amygdalina Inocybe amygdalina
Inocybe destruens Inocybe destruens
Inocybe scissaInocybe scissa
Inocybe leptospermiInocybe leptospermi
Inocybe strobilomycesInocybe strobilomyces
Inocybe viscataInocybe viscata
Genus: Inosperma
Inosperma latericium Inosperma calamistratoide
Inosperma latericium Inosperma latericium
Unidentified Inocybe
Inocybe Inocybe specie
InocybeInocybe species
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