Gliophorus versicolor
E. Horak 1973
This species is very similar to G. lilacinoides and can be a problem to tell apart, fortunately the spores are of a different size and shape. Also the gill atachment is also different, been adnate to subdecurrent. In older fruiting body's the cap is plano-convex to sub-depressed which does no accrue in G. lilacinoides.
Common name: None
Found: Lowland podocarp broad-leaved forest
Substrate: Forest floor
Spore: White
Height: 50 mm
Width: 20 mm
Season: Early winter
Edible: No
Macro images:
Gliophorus versicolor
Scale bar
Scale= 7 mm.
Gliophorus versicolor
Scale bar
Scale= 6.6 mm.
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