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Fungi:> Ascomycota:> Ascomycetes:> Leotiomycetidae:> Helotiales:> Geoglossaceae:> Geoglossum, Microglossum, Trichoglossum.
Earth tongues are generally small black poker-shaped fungi with a swollen head up to 50 mm high. Normally found living saprobically on the soil among the forest floor ground litter, the use of a microscope is needed to aid with identification.

A number of species on this page need more work to confirm identification.
Genus: Geoglossum
Geoglossum australe Geoglossum australe
Genus: Glutinoglossum
Geoglossum glutinosum Glutinoglossum sp.
Genus: Microglossum
Microglossum olivaceum Microglossum olivaceum
Unidentified species 
Microglossum olivaceumMicroglossum species
Genus: Trichoglossum
richoglossum hirsutum Trichoglossum hirsutum
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