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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Hymenomycetes:> Dacrymycetales:> Dacrymycetaceae:> Calocera, Heterotextus, Dacryopinax, Unidentified.
The member of this order grow saprophytic on wood. The fruiting bodies are gelatinous, but very diverse in shape and size ranging from very small dot-like structures, to erect branched, antler shaped forms.
Genus: Calocera
Calocera species Calocera species
Calocera fusca Calocera fusca
Genus: Dacryopinax
Dacryopinax spathulariaDacryopinax spathularia
Genus: Guepiniopsis
Guepiniopsis buccina
Genus: Heterotextus
Heterotextus miltinus Heterotextus miltinus
Heterotextus sp.Heterotextus pezizaeformis
Genus: Unidentified
Unknowns speciesUnknowns sp.
Unknowns speciesUnknowns sp.
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