Cortinarius majestaticus
(E. Horak) T.P. Anderson & Orlovich 2016
One of those species that seems to get moved around a lot. When I first came across this species, it was called Descolea majestatica and placed in the Cortinariaceae. It was then moved into the Bolbitiaceae and is now renamed as Cortinarius majestatica and moved back to the Cortinariaceae.
Common name: None
Found: Nothofagus Forests
Substrate: Tree fern stump
Spore: Brown
Height: 70mm
Width: 60 mm
Season: Autumn
Edible: No
Macro images:
Cortinarius majestatica
Scale bar
Scale=6.6 mm.
Cortinarius majestatica
Scale bar
Scale= 8 mm.
Cortinarius majestatica
Scale bar
Scale= 9 mm.
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