Austrocortinarius australiensis
(Cleland & Cheel) E.Horak
This fungus is recognised in part by its large size, white to cream cap coved in lght brown scales and more obvious is its short but large diammerer rooting stalk. With a thick white membranous ring. As acortinarius the ring will collect a large number of brown spores.
Common name: None
Found: Leptospermum forest
Substrate: Ground
Spore: Brown
Height: 140 mm
Width: 100 - 300 mm
Season: Autumn
Edible: No
Macro images:
Cortinarius australiensis
Scale bar
Scale= 20 mm.
Cortinarius australiensis
Scale bar
Scale= 23 mm.
Mature fruiting body's
Cortinarius australiensis
Scale bar
PDD 81221    Scale= 18 mm.
Immature fruiting body's before the cap has separated from the stipe. These can be mistaken for puffballs.
Cortinarius australiensis
Scale bar
Scale= 19 mm.
Underside of an young fruiting body before spore dispersal showing the short but large diameter stipe which is rooting e.g.. tapers down into the ground. Notice the large substantial cortena that leaves fragments on both the cap and stipe.
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