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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Cantharellales:> Clavulinaceae:> Clavulina.
Without a microscope, it's difficult to identify members of this genus. Although similar to the Clavaria, they tend to be much more branched and of dull colours, with shades of white, cream, tan, and grey being common. Common to this family, they all have two spore basida with or without clamp connections.
Genus: Clavulina
Clavulina alutaceo-siccescens Clavulina alutaceo-siccescens
Clavulina brunneo-cinerea Clavulina brunneo-cinerea
Clavulina cf. cavipes Clavulina cavipes
Clavulina floridana Clavulina floridana
Clavulina geoglossorides Clavulina geoglossorides
Clavulina hispidulosa Clavulina hispidulosa
Clavulina leveillei var. atricha Clavulina leveillei
Clavulina samuelsii Clavulina samuelsii
Clavulina samuelsii Clavulina rugosa
Clavulina subrugosa var. tenuis Clavulina subrugosa
Clavulina urnigerobasidiata Clavulina urnigerobasidiata
Clavulina vinaceo-cervina var. avellanea Clavulina vinaceo-cervina var. avellanea
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