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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes:> Boletales:> Boletaceae:> Austroboletus, Boletus, Boletellus, Chalciporus, Leccinum, Fistulinella, Rossbeevera, Tylopilus, Xerocomellus.
Boletes have fruiting bodies like agarics in shape and texture, but their spores are produced inside pores or tubes. Many of the boletes are edible, although little is known about our native species.

Being mycorrhizal, our natives are found in both our Nothofagus and Leptospermum forests. While others that are introduced are found under exotic trees like oak, birch and pine.
Genus: Amoenoboletus
Xerocomus macrobbii Amoenoboletus mcrobbii
Genus: Austroboletus
Austroboletus novae-zelandiaeAustroboletus novae-zelandiae
Austroboletus niveus Austroboletus niveus
Genus: Boletus
boletus leptospermi Boletus leptospermi
Boletus rawlingsii
Boletus semigastroideus Boletus semigastroideus
Genus: Boletellus
Boletellus ananas Boletellus ananas
Boletus speciesBoletellus species
Genus: Buchwaldoboletus
Buchwaldoboletus sp. Buchwaldoboletus species
Genus: Chalciporus
Chalciporus aurantiacus Chalciporus aurantiacus
Chalciporus piperatus Chalciporus piperatus
Genus: Leccinum
Leccinum scabrum Leccinum scabrum
Genus: Fistulinella
Fistulinella viscidaFistulinella viscida
Genus: Tylopilus
Tylopilus brunneusTylopilus brunneus
Tylopilus formosusTylopilus formosus
Genus: Xerocomellus
Xerocomellus ripariellusXerocomellus ripariellus
Boletus sp.Xerocomellus cisalpinus
A liittle odd
Xerocomellus ripariellus Xerocomellus ripariellus
Sequestrate Fungi
These are fungi which have lost their ability to forcefully eject their spores. Instead, they rely on insects or birds to eat them and carry off the spores for dispersal. Many are brightly coloured to attract birds and are found on or partly buried in the ground.
Genus: Rossbeevera
Chamonixia pachydermisRossbeevera pachydermis
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