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Fungi:> Basidiomycota:> Agaricomycetes :> Agaricales :> Bolbitiaceae :> Bolbitius, Conocybe, Descolea, Descomyces, Panaeolus, Panaeolina, Tympanella.
The spore of this family are bright, to dull, rusty-brown colour, and the spores have a distinct apical pore. Members of this family are often found growing on humus and organic debris.
Genus: Bolbitius
Bolbitius titubansBolbitius titubans
Bolbitius titubansBolbitius muscicola
Genus: Conocybe
Conocybe apalaConocybe apala
Genus: Descolea
This genus is recognised by a large membranous collar and microscopically by a cellular cutis structure.
Descolea gunnii Descolea gunnii
Descolea phlebophora Descolea phlebophora
Genus: Panaeolus
Panaeolus papilionaceusPanaeolus papilionaceus
Genus: Panaeolina
Panaeolus foeniseciiPanaeolina foenisecii
Genus: Tympanella
Tympanella galanthina Tympanella galanthin
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