Chlorophyllum rachodes
(Vittad.) Vellinga 2002
C. rachodes is similar to C. brunneum, but has a double ring with one ridge sloping up and the other down, and the base of the stipe that is swollen, or a bulb with a sloping top (no ridge)  However, care is needed not to confuse these with the similar species C. molybdites, which has a green spore print. Although it's not known in New Zealand, it does need to be confirmed if poisoning is to be avoided.
Common name: None
Found: Urban habitats
Spore: White
Height: 120 mm
Width: 80 mm
Season: Autumn
Edible: Yes
Macro images:
Chlorophyllum rachodes
Scale bar
PDD 81187    Scale= 10 mm.   
Hidden Forest
Forest Fungi